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Amateur Hooker

She was the cheapest whore on the corner for a reason… she’d fuck andsuck anything and everything, as long as she made a dime off the deal. It didn’t matter if they where white or black, long as they had something int he back pocket wallet.

She’d about seen it all in her show paid sex career. She’d had her time with tiny dicks to penis snakes that made her sore for a week. No pain, no gain? More like, no suck, no fuck, no eat. Some of the other girls did not take kindly to her low priced pussy and cock sucking services, she was stealing their business, she be paying for it one day, real soon. Until then she was getting her fair share of the lonely hearts club crowd.

She was even smart enough to service the local hotel manager every once in a while for an extra discount on a regular room for her “clients”. What ever had to be done to turn a profit.

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