Amateur Lesbians - Bi Winter Wonderland!

Amateur Lesbians

Bi Winter Wonderland

Jenny and Lindsey had never been with another female, they always talk like they were straight, they never waned to admit, they might just enjoy being with a another female. They never told any one about their secret fantasies, or the sexual day dreams that made them moist and wet as their minds wondered. Sure they experimented in the past, but it never went very far.

It was not normal nor acceptable for them to have such wanton desires for the same sex. Even in modern times with a more open minded society it was not something most people would be “okay” with.

Maybe it was fate that brought them together as room mates, maybe it was destiny? Maybe it was finally time they were honest about their feelings about the sexual urges and needs. Click here for the Amateur Lesbians Videos to find out…

Starring: Jerry Zikes

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