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Her husband said she could live out her fantasies and looks like one was finally coming true. You see her husband was one of those cockold guys that loves it when their wives screw complete strangers, getting sexual satisfied only later after hearing all the juicy details.

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Hot and horny amateur fucking from this latest installment from suburbia. Just your average couple next door enjoying some quite time after the kids go to bed. The neighbors think she’s just one of those soccer moms that bakes cookies and car pools.

Litte do they know she’s a little nasty wife, not exactly prime and proper if you ask her husband, he even calls her a sex freak some times. Although she might seem like the perfect wife and mother, often times she can’t get enough of hubbies little stiffy. She’s talked to him about swinging, but she hasn’t talked him into it yet. He’s not sure he can handle seeing her with another guy’s dick pushing up her sloppy pussy. Course he has entertained on many occasions that he’d also get some fresh pussy in the bargain.

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