Amateur Hooker - Slap that Whore Ass!

Amateur Hooker

She was the cheapest whore on the corner for a reason… she’d fuck andsuck anything and everything, as long as she made a dime off the deal. It didn’t matter if they where white or black, long as they had something int he back pocket wallet.

She’d about seen it all in her show paid sex career. She’d had her time with tiny dicks to penis snakes that made her sore for a week. No pain, no gain? More like, no suck, no fuck, no eat. Some of the other girls did not take kindly to her low priced pussy and cock sucking services, she was stealing their business, she be paying for it one day, real soon. Until then she was getting her fair share of the lonely hearts club crowd.

She was even smart enough to service the local hotel manager every once in a while for an extra discount on a regular room for her “clients”. What ever had to be done to turn a profit.

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Amateur Slut - She Has No Clue Who’s Dick She’s Sucking and She Could Care Less!

Amateur Slut

With the blind fold on, she had no idea who’s dick she was sucking and she didn’t really care at this point. They call her the neighborhood slut and she lives up to their dirty names they said behind her back. She knew she was a slut and she loved every minute.

Guess she was different from most women for the fact that she loved cock, not two ways about it, she had a passion and it was stiff dick. It didn’t matter the size or shape she took every one big or small, as log as it was hard she’d suck and fuck it till it spurted that tasty man juice between her lips or deep inside her wide ass.

She’d stolen many a girls boyfriend and a husband or two along the why, like she cared who owned the dick, for that short time it was hers to do with as she pleased and have these guys ravage her body any way they wanted. She didn’t get paid with money, she was paid in full with loads of hot sticky cum, the protien of life.

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Amateur Threesome Video - Lorenzo’s Smut Stories 2

Amateur Threesome Video

Lorenzo’s Smut Stories 2

Starring: Lorenzo Loretto

Lorenzo’s back! This time he wants cash to go along with his bitches’ ass. In this Ghetto tale, Lorenzo gets pussy, ass and cash! Scams, tricks and stud services abound in this edition of Lorenzo’s Smut Stories.

It wasn’t the first time he shared his wife with a friend from work and most likley it wouldn’t be the last time. He knew how hot she was in bed and how she could practically suck the cum right out of a guys cock, he knew he had to let other guys know what it was like to have his wife’s lips planted on their cocks. It was one of those, serving mankind, least thats how he put it.

She really didn’t care how he justified his sharing her body with his buddies. She could really care less, she was just enjoying the times while she could. She wasn’t one to complain when she had a cock in each hole. Some would call her a slut, she called it getting pleased in oh so many ways.

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Amateur BBW - Ebony Wife Taking Neighbors White Cock!

Amateur BBW

Her husband said she could live out her fantasies and looks like one was finally coming true. You see her husband was one of those cockold guys that loves it when their wives screw complete strangers, getting sexual satisfied only later after hearing all the juicy details.

Seems she had always fantasied about having sex with a white guy, her husband was not going to stand in her way. He actually was getting excited just thinking about their possible encounter. Seems the only thing left was to find that white stranger she was going to fuck.

There was this guy she worked with that had a thing for chubby gals and she did think he was kinda cute, in a white guy kinda way. On more than one occasion he had flirted with her so she had a pretty good idea he would be open to the idea. Course it would take a little explaining, being that she was married.

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Amateur Interracial Porn - Bored Wife Stacy Sucks Black Cock Juice!

Amateur Interracial Porn

It’s an old story, Stacy just wasn’t getting enough from her husband. Partly because he worked so many hours and he’d just seemed to lose interest in their sex life. She wouldn’t be surprised if he was cheating and had a girlfriend. Might explain a few things.

Given the fact that she was in her sexual prime, she was not getting the dick she craved and needed. So when the pool guy came around the other day, Stacy got to wondering just how big that bulge really was in his shorts. Naturally it’s didn’t take much talking to get a close up view of the monster, in hand.

It also didn’t take much chatting to get the ebony stud to doing some work on that bored housewife pussy. She couldn’t get the entire tube snake in her mouth but she sure tried her best, wrapping those soft white lips around his shaft, trying to suck the cum right out the end.

Needless to say she was satisfied when he was done running a fucking on her, least for today. Stacy’s thinking it might be a good idea to have the pool cleaned more often. She’ll defintaly need some more of that Amateur Interracial Porn Scene.


Amateur Fucking - Cream Filled Chocolates 4

Amateur Fucking

Hot and horny amateur fucking from this latest installment from suburbia. Just your average couple next door enjoying some quite time after the kids go to bed. The neighbors think she’s just one of those soccer moms that bakes cookies and car pools.

Litte do they know she’s a little nasty wife, not exactly prime and proper if you ask her husband, he even calls her a sex freak some times. Although she might seem like the perfect wife and mother, often times she can’t get enough of hubbies little stiffy. She’s talked to him about swinging, but she hasn’t talked him into it yet. He’s not sure he can handle seeing her with another guy’s dick pushing up her sloppy pussy. Course he has entertained on many occasions that he’d also get some fresh pussy in the bargain.

They started in the bubble bath for two which had him licking her slit through the soap suds. They end up in the bedroom and try it in just about every position. Like a good little wife she takes his money shot on the chin and loves it.


Amateur Sluts - Angle gets a Job!

Amateur Sluts

Angel Gets A Job
Starring: Angel Baby
Released By : Nasty Little Angels
Angel Baby will land the job at any cost! Even if it means fucking and sucking her way through the interview. After a hard, day of job interviews, all Angel wants to do is come home and have an orgy with her man and their sex friends. And when that is not enough, she can always order up the pizza man to help her man finish her off in a three way finale!

Today angel went home with one of her work friends to help her fulfill her husbands fantasy. Actually he has tow fantasies that will come true, one to have sex with a ebony babe and the other to have sex with two women at one time. Talk about a lucky guy, he gets it all and with a big smile. Check out the Amateur Sluts in action!


Amateur Fuck - Tight and Fresh!

Amateur Fuck

Tight And Fresh 3

Nine horny young cuties get into mischief and get it on tape! Watch fresh sun-kissed blondes, exotic brunettes and fiery redheads say an enthusiastic yes to dripping wet deep throat, wild threesomes, kinky toy play and smoldering anal sex! Don’t miss this collection of juicy-sweet untamed talent–they can’t wait to learn the ropes, and they just love it when you watch!

The set we bring you today is best described at an Amateur Fuck. No two aways about it, this couple has one thing on their mind. It’s not making love or being romantic, it’s about fucking each other’s brains out and getting their rocks off. She’s doesn’t stay in that short pretty white dress for long as he lifts it up to find out she’s not wearing panties and gets down to sucking and licking her already moist pussy.

It doesn’t take long for his stiff dick to makes it’s way deep inside her wet pussy, pushing in and out she starts to moan and grab his ass to pull him in deeper. She rides him like she’s in heat and lays ack to take a semen injection with legs wide spread. Click here for the completely Amateur Fuck Video set.


Black Amateur Sex

Black Amateur

Todays couple sent us a hot hardcore video to post for our visitors, hardcore is putting it lightly. This black amateur couple loves having sex and it shows on these clips. She wraps those sweet ebony full lips around the shaft of his cock and sucks him to full attention.

For some odd reason they picked the basement to have sex and shes sitting on his lap riding his long black dick for all it’s worth. He soon gets behind her chubby ass and pounds it till it’s a blob of quivering jello. He plays a little rough by grabbing her hair while he slams her from behind. Check out the rest of the Black Amateur movie gallery to see where his hot semen ends up.


Amateur Sex Videos - Tony’s Amateur Tapes

Amateur Sex Videos

Tony’s Amateur Tapes

Tony Galda is a blessed, good-looking guy who found a lot of hot girls to fuck him and his friends on camera. Tony called one day and asked if we would were interested in distributing his movies of non-porn girls fucking on camera. Uhh, yeah! Needless to say these sluts will be very embarrassed if their boyfriends ever rented these.

Todays amateur slut is the blond horny babe who can’t seem to get enough dick. She’s one of those filthy little tramps who sucks dick for free. Tonight she picked up a stud from the local hole in the wall bar just down the street. Once she gets him back to her single wide trailer, it’s time for him to put out or get out. With a little help from her warm used mouth his dick is stiff and hard, ready to take care of that white trash pussy. Check out the whole Amateur Sex Videos to see if he lived up to his promises.