Amateur Hooker - Slap that Whore Ass!

Amateur Hooker

She was the cheapest whore on the corner for a reason… she’d fuck andsuck anything and everything, as long as she made a dime off the deal. It didn’t matter if they where white or black, long as they had something int he back pocket wallet.

She’d about seen it all in her show paid sex career. She’d had her time with tiny dicks to penis snakes that made her sore for a week. No pain, no gain? More like, no suck, no fuck, no eat. Some of the other girls did not take kindly to her low priced pussy and cock sucking services, she was stealing their business, she be paying for it one day, real soon. Until then she was getting her fair share of the lonely hearts club crowd.

She was even smart enough to service the local hotel manager every once in a while for an extra discount on a regular room for her “clients”. What ever had to be done to turn a profit.

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Amateur Slut - She Has No Clue Who’s Dick She’s Sucking and She Could Care Less!

Amateur Slut

With the blind fold on, she had no idea who’s dick she was sucking and she didn’t really care at this point. They call her the neighborhood slut and she lives up to their dirty names they said behind her back. She knew she was a slut and she loved every minute.

Guess she was different from most women for the fact that she loved cock, not two ways about it, she had a passion and it was stiff dick. It didn’t matter the size or shape she took every one big or small, as log as it was hard she’d suck and fuck it till it spurted that tasty man juice between her lips or deep inside her wide ass.

She’d stolen many a girls boyfriend and a husband or two along the why, like she cared who owned the dick, for that short time it was hers to do with as she pleased and have these guys ravage her body any way they wanted. She didn’t get paid with money, she was paid in full with loads of hot sticky cum, the protien of life.

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Amateur Sluts - Angle gets a Job!

Amateur Sluts

Angel Gets A Job
Starring: Angel Baby
Released By : Nasty Little Angels
Angel Baby will land the job at any cost! Even if it means fucking and sucking her way through the interview. After a hard, day of job interviews, all Angel wants to do is come home and have an orgy with her man and their sex friends. And when that is not enough, she can always order up the pizza man to help her man finish her off in a three way finale!

Today angel went home with one of her work friends to help her fulfill her husbands fantasy. Actually he has tow fantasies that will come true, one to have sex with a ebony babe and the other to have sex with two women at one time. Talk about a lucky guy, he gets it all and with a big smile. Check out the Amateur Sluts in action!