Amateur First Time - My First Porn: Victoria

Amateur First Time

My First Porno:Victoria

Released By : Twisted Transmissions

Victoria was trying to get home to walk her dog when we spotted her. Her huge nipples were poking through her tank top and it was driving all of us fuckin nuts! She was definitely feisty at first but eventually agreed and got in the truck with us. For a country ass girl she got freaky as hell once her clothes where off! “if my dog shits on my carpet are you gonna come clean it up?” Well… no… but we’ll show everyone on the internet the video of you! Country ass slut!

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Amateur First Time Porn - My First Porno: Geogette

Amateur First Time Porn

My First Porno:Georgette

Released By : Twisted Transmissions
My cousin Patrick wanted us to come out and see if we could get him laid using our “Fake Agency” scam. The only catch is that the chick he wanted to nail Georgette was a church girl & he didn’t think she’d go for it. We told him not to worry… we’ll work her over for you. She was a tough one to crack but crack she did. When we got back to Patrick’s all it took was a couple of drinks to get her clothes off and masturbating! When Patrick whipped his cock out she sucks it like a champ!


Amateur Fucking - Cream Filled Chocolates 4

Amateur Fucking

Hot and horny amateur fucking from this latest installment from suburbia. Just your average couple next door enjoying some quite time after the kids go to bed. The neighbors think she’s just one of those soccer moms that bakes cookies and car pools.

Litte do they know she’s a little nasty wife, not exactly prime and proper if you ask her husband, he even calls her a sex freak some times. Although she might seem like the perfect wife and mother, often times she can’t get enough of hubbies little stiffy. She’s talked to him about swinging, but she hasn’t talked him into it yet. He’s not sure he can handle seeing her with another guy’s dick pushing up her sloppy pussy. Course he has entertained on many occasions that he’d also get some fresh pussy in the bargain.

They started in the bubble bath for two which had him licking her slit through the soap suds. They end up in the bedroom and try it in just about every position. Like a good little wife she takes his money shot on the chin and loves it.


Amateur Fuck - Tight and Fresh!

Amateur Fuck

Tight And Fresh 3

Nine horny young cuties get into mischief and get it on tape! Watch fresh sun-kissed blondes, exotic brunettes and fiery redheads say an enthusiastic yes to dripping wet deep throat, wild threesomes, kinky toy play and smoldering anal sex! Don’t miss this collection of juicy-sweet untamed talent–they can’t wait to learn the ropes, and they just love it when you watch!

The set we bring you today is best described at an Amateur Fuck. No two aways about it, this couple has one thing on their mind. It’s not making love or being romantic, it’s about fucking each other’s brains out and getting their rocks off. She’s doesn’t stay in that short pretty white dress for long as he lifts it up to find out she’s not wearing panties and gets down to sucking and licking her already moist pussy.

It doesn’t take long for his stiff dick to makes it’s way deep inside her wet pussy, pushing in and out she starts to moan and grab his ass to pull him in deeper. She rides him like she’s in heat and lays ack to take a semen injection with legs wide spread. Click here for the completely Amateur Fuck Video set.


Amateur Couple - Amateur Couples Chrissy and Rick

amateur couple

Amateur Couples Chrissy And Rick

You asked, we delivered. 21-year-old VMC starlet Chrissy offered to “enjoy” her friend Rick on film. Watch as he undoes Chrissy’s pretty sundress to get to her natural 34D-27-34 body. He slides his hand inside her panties and massages her clit. Then, he helps himself to a mouthful of her bald, meaty muff, driving her to a screaming, jerking climax!

Turned on, Chrissy nearly chews her way into Rick’s jeans to get to his hard-on. She worships his shaft with her pretty lips, then they dine on each other in the 69 position! As he feasts on her sweet vagina, Rick drives a finger deep up Chrissy’s steaming ass! Instinctively, Chrissy begins to moan louder and suck deeper! Unable to take it any longer, Chrissy impales her soaking pussy on Rick’s dick.

You’ll hear the sopping sounds as his cock brutally plunges in and out of her young snatch, coating his slamming salami in milky girl-cum. Suddenly, he yanks his rod out of her and spews his massive, creamy nut-load onto her sweet, freckled face and down her throat. Chrissy savors every hot drop! Check out the Amateur Couple Video Set.

Amateur Couples - Casting Couch 4

amateur couples

Casting Couch 4

There’s a first time for everything, no matter what you do and if you’re an amateur couple, there’s always your first couple video. These ladies answered personal ads in local magazines and wanted to come to our studio and show us their moves, Whether it’s dancing, taking a shower or getteing fucked, these amateur sluts were up to the challenge.

Todays Amateur Couples gallery is nothing but real people. A some what chubby housewife gets filmed all over this house on this one. First she’s taking off her clothes in the hallway. Next she’s getting all soapy and slippery wet in the shower with the curtain open enough to get a good look at those fine large boobs and pink nipples. She’s then left to her own devices while hubby films her pushing a new vibrator in and out of her smooth pussy, good thing she got new batteries.

Last but not least she gets down off the edge of the bed to take her husbands cock in her mouth, sucking like a real amateur, to end it all with a nice warm coating of sticky white sperm all over her chest and in between her cleavage.