Amateur First Time - My First Porn: Victoria

Amateur First Time

My First Porno:Victoria

Released By : Twisted Transmissions

Victoria was trying to get home to walk her dog when we spotted her. Her huge nipples were poking through her tank top and it was driving all of us fuckin nuts! She was definitely feisty at first but eventually agreed and got in the truck with us. For a country ass girl she got freaky as hell once her clothes where off! “if my dog shits on my carpet are you gonna come clean it up?” Well… no… but we’ll show everyone on the internet the video of you! Country ass slut!

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Amateur Lesbians - Bi Winter Wonderland!

Amateur Lesbians

Bi Winter Wonderland

Jenny and Lindsey had never been with another female, they always talk like they were straight, they never waned to admit, they might just enjoy being with a another female. They never told any one about their secret fantasies, or the sexual day dreams that made them moist and wet as their minds wondered. Sure they experimented in the past, but it never went very far.

It was not normal nor acceptable for them to have such wanton desires for the same sex. Even in modern times with a more open minded society it was not something most people would be “okay” with.

Maybe it was fate that brought them together as room mates, maybe it was destiny? Maybe it was finally time they were honest about their feelings about the sexual urges and needs. Click here for the Amateur Lesbians Videos to find out…

Starring: Jerry Zikes

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Amateur Threesome - Fawna and Michelle Share!

Amateur Threesome

Amateur Auditions 5

Fawna & Michelle are the best of friends, have been for many years and will be for life. In fact, they are such good friends, they even fuck each other! They just love to have sex whether it’s with each other or some of their close friends. Watch what happens when Rod does the dynamic duo for a steamyand sweaty amateur three some! Ariel is 18 years old and wanted to explore her sexual side, every side that is. She has a great firm and sexy ass and is all natural from her boobs to her full succulent lips. Rod eats her hairy moist pussy with zeal and gives it to her his hot man juice is splatters on the face!

Starring: Michelle, Rod Fontana, Ariel, Fawna


Amateur Pornstar - Amateur Auditions 3

Amateur Pornstar

Amateur Auditions 3

Channel Lockett has an innocent enough look, but she’s a real slut! She got an ass that you grab on top for the ride of your life! She really enjoyed being fucked! And the fact that someone is watching really gets her off! Allison has these great tits that we gave the “bounce test” to, they passed with flying colors. Cock sucking is second nature to this girl, she’d learned how to tease a cock, lick it just right, mover her mouth up and down and stroke the shaft with her soft firm fingers, it’s like she was born to lick dick. She gives herself a spectacular cum facial! We love women that eat cum! Good to the last salty drop! She’s an Amateur Pornstar in the making.

Starring: Allison Embers, Allison


Chubby Amateur Girls - Chunky School Girls 4

Chubby Amateur Girls

Chunky School Girls 4

Dino Appleseed, Chunky coed Shannon Monroe isn’t too bright. She can’t read or write. She can’t even count calories. But, she can suck the core out of an apple. And, that is just the kind of thing that will take her to the head of Italian professor Dino Appleseed’s class. Le Baggage Handler, Lisa Sparxxx is tired of being remedial and rotund. By going back to school, she hopes to learn enough shit to leave the baggage handling industry behind.

But, French class is proving to be tough. It’s not easy fucking someone in a foreign language. Chunky Puttana, Cute pudgy piglet Alyssa West has a learning disorder; she likes to suck cock in school. Tired of having Alyssa disrupt his class, her teacher decides to apply some good old fashioned corporal punishment on her bare bottom. Now that’s smart! Douche That Fucker Out!

After learning that her professor is fucking all her classmates, chunky cunthole Zenovah Braeden wonders why he hasn’t fucked her plump hairy hole yet. Is she too fat? Is she too smelly? Looking for an explanation, Zenovah decides to ask the only person who would know what turns her teacher on…his wife.

Starring: Lisa Sparxxx, Allysa West

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Amateur Teen Sex - School’s Out!

Amateur Teen Sex

School’s Out

After a tough semester at college, Jade and Nick are out of school for the summer. They decide to play some pool and soon it turns into a game of strip pool, like they hadn’t done it before!

As the clothes cum off, the two of them get hotter and hotter and hornier and hornier. Soon, the pool table is forgotten and all they care about is how many times they each can cum.

Even though it’s Amateur Teen Sex, she sucks his cock like a professional. She sucks him while down on her knee’s then gets between his legs while he’s laying o the bed. He returns the favor by munching on her wet box and sucking in her clit. She’s got her ass arched up, he’s going for home, maybe he’ll even make it in the back door!

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Amateur Teen - 18 and Confused 4

Amateur Teen

18 And Confused 4

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’ve just turned eighteen, and now they don’t know what to do with themselves. Well, the men in their life do… now that these sweet little angels have hit the age of consentual sex, the guys are gonna make sure the girls’ cherries are popped right. Watch as the babes get their introduction to balling, and we’re sure that both you and they are going to love every minute of it!

Starring: Tabitha Stern, Samantha Sterlyng, Kate Frost, Kat Langer

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Amateur First Time Porn - My First Porno: Geogette

Amateur First Time Porn

My First Porno:Georgette

Released By : Twisted Transmissions
My cousin Patrick wanted us to come out and see if we could get him laid using our “Fake Agency” scam. The only catch is that the chick he wanted to nail Georgette was a church girl & he didn’t think she’d go for it. We told him not to worry… we’ll work her over for you. She was a tough one to crack but crack she did. When we got back to Patrick’s all it took was a couple of drinks to get her clothes off and masturbating! When Patrick whipped his cock out she sucks it like a champ!


Amateur Threesome Movies

Amateur Threesome Movies

My First Anal 2

Four more hours of young sluts getting slammed in the behind for the first time! First-timers who have never known the pleasure of taking a cock straight up their tight asses.

Todays set is hot and hardcore, all in the great outdoors. This sexy amateur blond is getting more than she bargained for with a mouthful and pussy full of long black cock, making for some scorching amateur interracial porn.

She’s got cock coming and going from every one of her tight wet holes, one guy as even lucky enough to get in the tight ass back door of this little skank. They even get her on her back while one ebony dude pokes her butt hole hard and another abuses her mouth with his thick black cock. In true slut fashion, she’s willing and very eager to take the big nasty loads! Enjoy the Amateur Threesome Movies!

Starring: Chandler, Steve Taylor, Steve Hatcher, Mr. Marcus, Mark Davis, Brick Majors, Billy Glide, Olivia Del Rio, Lexington Steele, Monica Sweetheart, Alec Metro, Samantha, Cameron Cain, Papillon, Mark Ashley, Taylor Lynn, Amee Donavan, Saphire Rae, Mark Zane, Ariah