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Amateur Sex Videos

Tony’s Amateur Tapes

Tony Galda is a blessed, good-looking guy who found a lot of hot girls to fuck him and his friends on camera. Tony called one day and asked if we would were interested in distributing his movies of non-porn girls fucking on camera. Uhh, yeah! Needless to say these sluts will be very embarrassed if their boyfriends ever rented these.

Todays amateur slut is the blond horny babe who can’t seem to get enough dick. She’s one of those filthy little tramps who sucks dick for free. Tonight she picked up a stud from the local hole in the wall bar just down the street. Once she gets him back to her single wide trailer, it’s time for him to put out or get out. With a little help from her warm used mouth his dick is stiff and hard, ready to take care of that white trash pussy. Check out the whole Amateur Sex Videos to see if he lived up to his promises.


Shelby Bell - Lesbian Beach Party!


I went to the beach with two of my good girl friends, Sheryl-Ann and Mercedes. I have to admit, I’ve always had a little crush on both of them, they are both so cute! When we were almost alone, we wanted to have a little fun before the sun set and I’m sure not talking about playing frisbee! I remember to bring my inseparable dildo with me, like I hadn’t hoped something might happen at the beach, I think the girls had similar thoughts in mind. So we laid down on a picnic table to relax and well one thing led to another and before you know it, well… I’m sure those tourists had a blast at the beach that day. Check out my site, Shelby Bell for the beach party.

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Amateur Milf - Mariah Sucks and Fucks it Dry!

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Hot summer days and even hotter women on this update from Amateur Pie. Sit down grab a cold drink and watch as sexy Mariah the big tit babe, phat ass Brazilian bombshellwith a experienced pussy, who will do anything to be on a “amateur pornstar”! When we say anything, she really meant it. She sucked dick like it was a tasty lollipop and was down on her hands and knee’s to take a big dick log from behind, she even pumped that fine ass back hard to get every inch of cock deep inside her tight wet pussy.

Enjoy as we make her a star on the jizz soaked canvas covered seat of our backseat!


Cheating Housewives - Tight and Fresh Wives!

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Tight And Fresh 3

Released By : Adam & Eve

Nine horny young cuties get into mischief and get it on tape! Watch fresh sun-kissed blondes, exotic brunettes and fiery redheads say an enthusiastic yes to dripping wet deep throat, wild threesomes, kinky toy play and smoldering anal sex! Don’t miss this collection of juicy-sweet untamed talent–they can’t wait to learn the ropes, and they just love it when you watch!

Todays scene has a sexy Asian cheating housewives who was getting around, so to speak. Her husband was working too much, seemed he was never home and even when he was home he was to tried to take care of her “needs”. She was in her prime she wanted and need sex, as often as she could get. Since her husband wasn’t doing his job in the bedroom, she took it on herself to find some one else to satsify her urges, after all it’s not like these urges were just going to go away.

It wasn’t hard to find a willing and able stud, after all many guys had given her that look, she knew guys were hot for her body, now it was time for them to prove it. The first lucky guy was the gardener, he was always checking her out when she was laying out by the pool. She had caught him several times, just never said or did anything about it until today. He might not have been her first choice, but she needed sex so bad, right now it didn’t really matter who it was, she just needed to get fucked and needed to get fucker right now, right there on the spot. Check out the complete Cheating Housewives gallery for the real deal.


Amateur Couple - Amateur Couples Chrissy and Rick

amateur couple

Amateur Couples Chrissy And Rick

You asked, we delivered. 21-year-old VMC starlet Chrissy offered to “enjoy” her friend Rick on film. Watch as he undoes Chrissy’s pretty sundress to get to her natural 34D-27-34 body. He slides his hand inside her panties and massages her clit. Then, he helps himself to a mouthful of her bald, meaty muff, driving her to a screaming, jerking climax!

Turned on, Chrissy nearly chews her way into Rick’s jeans to get to his hard-on. She worships his shaft with her pretty lips, then they dine on each other in the 69 position! As he feasts on her sweet vagina, Rick drives a finger deep up Chrissy’s steaming ass! Instinctively, Chrissy begins to moan louder and suck deeper! Unable to take it any longer, Chrissy impales her soaking pussy on Rick’s dick.

You’ll hear the sopping sounds as his cock brutally plunges in and out of her young snatch, coating his slamming salami in milky girl-cum. Suddenly, he yanks his rod out of her and spews his massive, creamy nut-load onto her sweet, freckled face and down her throat. Chrissy savors every hot drop! Check out the Amateur Couple Video Set.

Horny Housewives - Head Case 2

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Head Case 2

Darla one of the Horny Housewives.

Not only did Dan have a incredibly sexy wife, but he also had a wife that was always horny. Often it got to the point where he couldn’t keep up with his beautiful bride, seemed she wanted every waking moment. To try and please his wife, he agreed with her idea of trying swinging, not that he hadn’t thought of having sex with another guys wife before, even if his wife did wear him out, it was the variety, something different.

While he was happy to go to the swing clubs, he waslittle surprised just how wild his girl got when she hit the back rooms, hell she was getting wild in the public room too! Two weeks ago Saturday they hit the club and his wife ended up flat on her back with three hard dicks pleasuring her. She was getting fucked by one guy, sucking another and jerking off yet another hard cock.

Just to show how horny this housewife is, this set exposes her giving his work buddy a blowjob at their apartment in the living room. Wonder if she got any rug burns? Check Darla, one of the Horny Housewives.


Gothic Amateurs - Tattoo’s all over!

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Homegrown Video 690

It’s the clash of the tattooed amateur couples on this free video gallery. This young couple being in their prime, their sexual appetite is always on high, it’s like they can’t get enough. Today they even picked her apartment, the place with the tiger skin headboard and soft leather sheets, talk about some slippery action!

She’d naked before he even gets there, legs spread wide on the bed. Quick to get his cock out, she just about rips his pants off to get at the firm man meat. Almost before his pants hit the floor, she was between his legs engulfing his stiff shaft with her warm willing mouth. He knew he was going to get the fucking of his life and this hot little gothic amateur was going to do the deed.


Amateur Couples - Casting Couch 4

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Casting Couch 4

There’s a first time for everything, no matter what you do and if you’re an amateur couple, there’s always your first couple video. These ladies answered personal ads in local magazines and wanted to come to our studio and show us their moves, Whether it’s dancing, taking a shower or getteing fucked, these amateur sluts were up to the challenge.

Todays Amateur Couples gallery is nothing but real people. A some what chubby housewife gets filmed all over this house on this one. First she’s taking off her clothes in the hallway. Next she’s getting all soapy and slippery wet in the shower with the curtain open enough to get a good look at those fine large boobs and pink nipples. She’s then left to her own devices while hubby films her pushing a new vibrator in and out of her smooth pussy, good thing she got new batteries.

Last but not least she gets down off the edge of the bed to take her husbands cock in her mouth, sucking like a real amateur, to end it all with a nice warm coating of sticky white sperm all over her chest and in between her cleavage.

Amateur Anal - Amateur Anal Attempts 4!

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Amateur Anal Attempts 4

What’s a girl got to do to break into the porn biz these days, with all the competition out there? Well, she better be real hot and love sex, but that’s not quite enough if she wants to impress the directors and fans, they’ve seen most everything as it is. You need to be a little different or even shocking.

If you want to make it big these days, One of the ways is you’ve got to be able to take a massive cock deep in your tight little ass. The tighter the butthole, the better, after all it’s gotta stretch to it’s limits for the viewers to get excited. They want to see that cock head straining to get inside her virgin ass hole. Good thing these first time amateurs are hot enough, horny enough and determined enough to give it their best shot! Taking it deeper with each stroke. Click here for the Amateur Anal Video Gallery.


Amateur Home Video - Homegrown “Suck and Fuck”

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Homegrown Video 697

Homegrown Video serves as a clearinghouse for the democracy of porn, supplying hardcore enjoyment by the people, for the people. Don’t miss real amateurs in hardcore action!

We’ve got a sexy hardcore amateur couple showing off their skills in the bedroom.The blonde wife is on her back with her husband standing over her try to push his stiff dick down her throat, she takes it like a pro. She’s ready for a ride and climbs aboard the penis ride for some thick beef injection. She’s going to get that creamy sauce to top off her shaved bun one way or another.

After getting screwed in many sexy positions, like all good wives, she takes the load of man juice on her tongue with a smile. Check out the free gallery for the complete Amateur Home Video set.